“You Can’t Forget Kobe”: Michael Jordan’s Kids Weigh in one the GOAT Debate Between Him and LeBron James




In recent years, one question has penetrated the minds of many NBA fans. “Hey, LeBron or MJ?” “Air Jordan or King James?” However, it is very difficult to compare the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. If you don’t believe us, you might probably agree with the statements of the people whose veins contain a fair share of Jordan’s blood.

Amid the release of ‘The Last Dance,’ the hype over MJ’s legacy is unreal. To achieve a double three-peat in eight years is simply extraordinary. On the other hand, one cannot simply dismiss LeBron James from the discussion. King James has the heart of a lion and refuses to give up. Playing in his 17th season, he still has the fire burning inside him. The desire to win is synonymous when you talk about these two legends. 

Michael Jordan’s kids made a recent appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ where they discussed about the most viewed documentary at the moment. Speaking about their father’s ‘The Last Dance,’ the topic quickly changed into the GOAT discussion between MJ and LeBron.

MJ’s kids have a statement to make on the GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Michael Jordan had three kids, Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. And all three cordially accepted the invitation to join ‘The Breakfast Club’ on a video chat. When the host asked them to give their personal arguments on the MJ vs LeBron debate, they opened up in the most respectful way. 

Marcus was quick to say that they both belong to different eras and can’t really be compared. “You can’t compare them because the eras are so different, the game is so different now that I honestly feel like you can’t have a serious debate, but it’s always gonna happen.”

Marcus who is very active on Twitter, also revealed that his father called him up and commanded him to stay off the platform. “Stay off Twitter man,” he recalled his dad telling him, after he saw Marcus posting a tweet on LeBron James.

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? How do the Jordan kids engage with people during the GOAT debate?? #TheLastDance pic.twitter.com/0LkDx57BuO

Jeffrey agreed with his brother on his comments. “Marcus does enough talking for all of us. And like he said, you just can’t compare the era.” Their sister Jasmine, had a similar school of thought, but mentioned a void that arises in this debate. 

“Y’all can’t forget Kobe. Like come on now. You can’t just go straight from my pops to LeBron and just ignore that man.” While we completely agree with Jasmine on this one, Marcus mentioned a tweet he saw which said, “You can love Michael Jordan and still love LeBron James.”

It is very much pleasing to see MJ’s kids with so much respect for LeBron when it comes to matching him against their dad. The debate might be a never-ending one, but it is to be noted that both played in different eras which makes it highly challenging to compare. But Jasmine won our hearts with her views on the debate.