“You Always Want More”: Coach Outlines Next Challenges for Dominic Thiem




What a year it has been for Dominic Thiem. He has reached new heights and has further climbed up the ladder. He finally became a Grand Slam champion and reached his career-high ranking of third.

Dominic Thiem’s coach, Nicolas Massu in conversation with ATP revealed his prodigy’s next aim. And that is to reach the summit of the ATP Rankings.

Dominic Thiem eyes the ATP World No.1 ranking

With Thiem becoming a Grand Slam champion, the next step is to reach that number one ranking. And thus Massu revealed that Thiem is working towards winning more and in that process wants to become World No.1 as well.

“He already won one Grand Slam, but for sure he is working to win more and to, why not, one day be on the top of the rankings.”

Dominic Thiem at French Open 2020
Dominic Thiem reacts during his match. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Dominic Thiem became a Grand Slam champion after defeating Alexander Zverev in US Open 2020. It was a grueling five-setter match that saw him come back from two sets down to win the Grand Slam. It was on his fourth attempt that the Austrian was successful, as he had lost his previous three finals.

Massu further explained the hunger Thiem has to achieve more in his career. Thiem is looking forward to the future.

“You try to be a winner, you are thinking in the future all the time. There are not so many moments that you can think about the past. This is our life. You always want more, and I think it’s the same situation for Domi now.”

Thiem’s top form in ATP Finals 2020

Further, Thiem’s 2020 isn’t over yet. He is playing a crucial role in the ATP Finals 2020. He is currently in the semifinals having topped his group against Rafael Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev.

For a brief amount of time, Thiem even had a chance of jumping Rafa Nadal in the ATP Rankings.Had Thiem won his last group match against Rublev and had Rafa lost against Tsitsipas, Thiem would have had a chance of jumping to second. While that may not have happened, he still has a chance to win the ATP Finals.

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