“You a Mama’s Boy”- Former NBA Champion Reveals Hilarious Trash-Talking Incident With Kevin Garnett




When it comes to trash-talking in the NBA, Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett was the best. There were many instances where he may have crossed limits, but if anyone knew how to unnerve an opponent with just words, it was the Big Ticket. Recently, former NBA champion Chris Bosh shared an incident where he fell victim to Garnett’s trash talk.

“I had to go to the temple and do some meditation,” Bosh said on the All the Smoke podcast. “He got me one time so good in a game.

“I had a terrible game too. He called me a mama’s boy. Forget all the curse words. He said, ‘Hey man, you a mama’s boy.’ My mind was gone.

“I probably scored five points, I got dominated and embarrassed. I’m in my bed, can’t sleep thinking, ‘What does he mean mama’s boy, I ain’t no damn mama’s boy’.”

Bosh later said that this incident made him stop attempting to trash-talk anyone else. “I woke up him and he shut me down. Ever since that day, I said, ‘Nah, I’m okay, I’m not gonna trash talk,’” he said.

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Kevin Garnett and his brutal trash-talking

Former Bulls star Joakim Noah grew up a KG fan. While facing him in his rookie season, Noah said,  “Man, KG, I had your poster on my wall, I looked up to you.” But Garnett shut him down with just three words: “F*ck you, Noah.”

Since then Noah has despised Garnett. From looking up to him as a young boy, Noah started hating the man he once called an idol.

During his playing career, Garnett’s biggest rival was Tim Duncan, so he detested him. In 1999, the Timberwolves played the Spurs during the first round of the Playoffs. When Duncan stepped up for a free-throw, Garnett reportedly said,  “Happy Mother’s Day, M*****f*****” 

Duncan’s mother had passed away just one day before he turned 14, after suffering from cancer. This is one of his worst trash-talking incidents, and many believe that he went too far with this one.

Garnett was one of the toughest players in the league, and he had a penchant for using mere words to completely knock someone off their game.

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