“Wouldn’t Like to Say What I Think”- Sebastian Vettel Reacts to Stefano Domenicali Becoming F1 CEO




Sebastian Vettel is a 4-time world champion. We can assume that the German has an immense amount of insight in this circus called F1. Although he has been having two tough seasons at Ferrari, his views still hold a lot of weight.

Keeping this in mind, a journalist from Sky Sports asked Vettel about his views on Stefano Domenicali being rumored to replace Chase Carey. The news hasn’t been official yet. However, all the teams are aware.

Sebastian Vettel chooses his words carefully in this interview to avoid any further controversy.

“I don’t know. I can’t say anything, can I? Well, I don’t know If he should. I think he knows the sport, he’s been involved for long enough. He’s been part of Ferrari for a long time.”

Though the reporter tries hard to squeeze the words out of him, the German knew better. He smartly dodged the question with a very generic answer.

“He is more than capable of doing that sort of job. Only time will tell. But it will be good to see him back.” replied the German

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Sebastian Vettel plays smart to dodge a controversial question

Failing to crack Vettel up with the Domenicali topic, the reporter embarks into another. He throws at Vettel the question of what shall the future changes in FIA be. To elaborate, he meant what shall the replacement to Carey be looking after to make F1 better.

That’s hard because I don’t have an opinion. But then again, there’s a lot of opinion walking around.” Vettel smartly answered.

I wouldn’t like to say what I think. How can I see the full picture? I can’t, I don’t know what that job is. Obviously, it is easy to say this could be improved, this could be improved. But then you don’t know what else it takes,” the German added.

Vettel also shared his views on the board, choosing the right person for the job. He stressed that this would be important.

I think it is up to the person running the show in the future to decide what is best and obviously; it is the job of the owner to pick that man in charge and hope for things to happen’

What is Vettel hoping for at Sochi?

Finally, regarding his weekend at Sochi, Vettel opened up comfortably. He expressed to qualify at a better position on the grid to have a better chance at racing.

Well, I would like to get into a better groove with the car. Just be able to extract a bit more on Saturday. I think Sunday is alright but races are mostly compromised by the fact that I’m somewhere in the middle of the pack and then it is very difficult to race well from there.

Vettel’s clever replies portray that his foresight is intact. As far as his racing is concerned, we all know we haven’t seen the last of Sebastian Vettel.

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