“When You Have Kids, it Does Change Things”- Sebastian Vettel Admits His Priorities Have Changed




Of the many characters that occupy the Formula 1 paddock, one of the more interesting ones is Sebastian Vettel. Those who have seen him over the years, know that he is cheerful and focused.

When off the track, he always looks to be cordial with others and does not display arrogance. When on the track, the focus switches to fierce competitiveness and a desire to beat everyone.

But today’s Vettel is not the rookie talent we saw in the late 2000s. Over the years, he has matured and picked up so many things that make him the experienced driver that he is today.

Sebastian Vettel believes having a family offers a ‘different perspective’ in life

The 33-year-old Ferrari driver thinks that he has more to look forward to than just racing. Speaking to the podcast ‘F1: Beyond The Grid,’ he stated, “For sure. Back then, I basically had racing and racing and racing and racing. Now, I still have racing but I’m a father as well. I have three kids, I have a wife.

“So yeah, of other things in life that I really got to know, got to love. And wouldn’t want to miss anymore. We got married only last year. But, it’s the same woman, same person as 2006.

Sebastian Vettel During The Russian GP
Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in action during the race. Pool via REUTERS/Yuri Kochetkov

“Again I think it’s just life. The fact obviously when you have kids, I think it does change things. I don’t think it changes you down in terms of the stopwatch. It’s not like I am taking consciously less risk and attacking less in the car and so on.

“But yeah, it just gives you a completely different perspective. On yourself, on life itself and so for sure it has an impact and does change things. So that is without doubt.”

Aston Martin will offer a fresh start for Vettel

Our guess is as good as yours when it comes to predicting the German’s future in the sport in his late 30s. But for the time being, his move to Racing Point, which will continue as Aston Martin Racing, gives him a chance to start afresh.

Sebastian Vettel Prior To Russian GP Practice
Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel before practice Kirill Kudryavtsev /Pool via REUTERS

Although the first few years of his Ferrari career were successful, over time there were clear signs of wear. Regardless, the Vettel-Ferrari dynamic will end as the 2021 season inches closer.

At Aston Martin, he will have the chance to reclaim his lost mojo, and the ability to compete for podiums and race wins is there for the taking.