‘What Kobe Did Was Unmatched’-Daniel Cormier Provides Interesting Insight Into Kobe Bryant ‘s Love Affair With Detail




Daniel Cormier and Max Holloway joined Laura Sanko for a candid interview with ESPN MMA. The two former UFC champions discussed many things, including the work ethic and influence of Kobe Bryant.

“This guy’s following the Kobe. He’s following the Kobe Mentality. Kobe made sure he had stuff going on so he knows he doesn’t have to battle coming back to the sport and Kobe got a detail, DC got a detail. Kobe picked him,” started the Hawaiian Holloway about Cormier’s post-fighting life and work as an expert of MMA.

Cormier then went on to explain how the ‘Mamba Mentality’ has had an effect on him. He also shared details about his first interaction with the great late ‘Black Mamba‘.

They said we want analysts in the sport. We want to see a couple of these guys try to do detail. So, I sent in my tryout essentially. Kobe saw it and was like ‘I’d like to meet him’.

“I was at a wrestling tournament in Orange County. The morning before the tournament I went to Kobe’s office, and I sat with him for hours and I got to talk to him and pick his brain about what his vision for detail was,” the former two-division UFC champion started.

We lost Kobe this year and you know it’s like to be a part of his brainchild. This was his. The detail was for him to have entrusted me with this product, it means the world to me and also the fact that I know I have to do the job the best way I can because that’s what KB did and what KB did was unmatched by anyone. That’s why you see the guys that are doing detail are doing detail,” DC continued.

Kobe Bryant left behind an unmatched legacy

‘The Black Mamba’ may not be with us anymore, but his way of life will always remain as inspiration. Even one of the greatest fighters of all time, Daniel Cormier, feels blessed to meet Bryant in his life.

You hope that your second act can be as good as what Kobe’s second act was about to be. And I’m just lucky and blessed,” Cormier concluded.

What do you make of Daniel Cormier’s comments about Kobe Bryant?

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