“We Were Both Frustrated”: Anthony Davis Openly Accepts His Disagreement with LeBron James in Game 2




In the NBA Finals 2020, the Lakers must do a lot wrong to lose while the Heat must do a lot right to win. Three of the Heat’s top players got injured in the Game 1 horror. Game 2 followed the same saga. The Heat got blown away 114-124 in the cyclone of Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

In the series opener, the Lakers had nine of their players scoring from the downtown, and that was uncalled for, as far as Jimmy Butler’s side was concerned. The performance was repeated in Game 2. The Lakers (16) outperformed the Heat (11) in terms of three-point shooting that used to be Miami’s stronghold before this series. But something in the Lakers’ win was a little unsettling.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James with forward Anthony Davis
Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James with Anthony Davis after defeating the Miami Heat in game two of the NBA Finals. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis revealed something about his chemistry with LeBron James

AD had a flying start for the Lakers as he kept the scoreboard ticking right from the beginning. In the second half, Bron took the baton from AD. The three-time champion unleashed himself to power to the score of 33, with 9 rebs and as many assists. The duo combined for a crazy 65 points, but they still had some rough moments of disagreements in the game.

In the post-game interview, AD sheepishly smiled at this question as he revealed, “You just try to hold each other accountable. We both wanna be great, dominate the game. We had some blown covers on the defensive end. [We] were both frustrated that we had multiple covers we blown tonight. It’s just all piling up, and we had THAT moment, put it behind, and kept playing.

“It’s not going to be pretty. It always seems everything is good with me, but we do have our time when we do yell at each other, we do argue, but we know it’s coming from a good place.”

When one team has two of the potential finals MVPs playing together, such moments of clashes is normal. Dwyane Wade in another comment earlier said that he finds AD complementing Bron better than anyone else in the league.

The Lakers are spearheading towards a 4-0!

It would be a big shame for Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra’s men to lose the finals in this fashion. They would not want to be remembered as that team which somehow managed to enter the finals. But for them to make a comeback, they need to find answers in the given resources that can tackle AD & Bron. 

Anthony’s double-double was more special because he was 15/20 from the field. He is now the 5th player in history to score 30+ points in both debut games in the NBA Finals. The time has come when fans can afford to call him “Playoff Anthony” without a hint of doubt. One can only imagine the condition of the Miami Heat if these two men continue the spirit of getting better as the series progresses.