‘We Can Still Dominate Our Sport’: LeBron James Draws Parallel Between Him and Tom Brady




LeBron James has been showing that he ages like fine wine. He is just one of the many superstars in the world of sports still dominating this late in their career. Soccer has Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis has Roger Federer, gold has Tiger Woods, and football has Tom Brady.

LeBron is the favorite to win a title in his 18th NBA season, while 43-year old Tom Brady is about to play in yet another Super Bowl. This will be Brady’s 10th Super Bowl, similar to the 10 NBA Finals appearances that LeBron has.

While Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t favorites to go over Pat Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, there is something comparable about Brady and LeBron’s achievements. Even LeBron recognizes that.

LeBron is 4-6 in the NBA Finals while Brady is going into this Super Bowl with a 6-3 record. Brady can solidify his legacy by winning a title after leaving the New England Patriots while this old, especially over the future of the NFL in Mahomes. Meanwhile, LeBron is still looking to make his name the greatest to ever play basketball.

LeBron James and Tom Brady: How do they do it after so many years?

While obviously, the credit goes to modern medicine for allowing these players to extend their careers like they can now, there is something about their mindset that is uncanny. Both men never seemed to have lost motivation to win more despite the amount they already have. But there is a major differentiator between Brady and LeBron.

Jan 28, 2021; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) goes up for a shot against Detroit Pistons center Mason Plumlee (24) during the first quarter at Little Caesars Arena. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady, at this point, is the GOAT of the NFL. Win or lose in the Super Bowl, his legacy as the GOAT is set in near-stone for everyone to agree upon. However, LeBron James is chasing someone who virtually changed the game of basketball forever in Michael Jordan. Jordan has even Brady beat with his perfect Finals record.

Either way, both Brady and LeBron are doing their best to show Father Time that they can fight him for as long as they want. While they are bound to slow down and retire one day, this level of achievement at their age is quite phenomenal.

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