“We Are Lucky Enough”: Rafael Nadal States the Positive Impact of Playing at French Open 2020




The men’s singles event is nearing the business end at French Open 2020. Tournament favorite Rafael Nadal has eased into the fourth round and looks to pose a strong challenge to Novak Djokovic this year. Following his latest victory, Rafa sat down with the reporters where he answered about the different set of challenges a player faces in this year’s edition of Roland Garros. 

It is to be noted that certain challenges remain the same, while the others don’t. A few new ones have popped up due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Nadal wasn’t hesitant to address it. However, he put forth the obvious ones first!

“Come here with the same goal, same passion, and motivation,” Nadal said. Furthermore, he delved into the major new challenge that the players face this year. Due to the pandemic, the tournament had to be postponed from its original schedule. As a result, the playing conditions aren’t really ideal. 

Rafael Nadal reacts at French Open 2020
Mandatory Credits: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

“Another thing is, of course, the conditions were are facing are completely different than in a normal Roland Garros. Yeah, that’s true. Of course, the ideal situation is another one,” he added. 

However, even with the bizarre conditions, Rafael Nadal is not the one to find excuses. The playing field is even with all athletes having to compete in the cold weather. However, they are just grateful that they get to play a grand slam amid a global pandemic. 

Rafael Nadal gives a positive outlook about the situation at Roland Garros

Not everyone is pleased with the treatment they’re receiving at French Open 2020. There are several restrictions in place which isn’t sitting well with the athletes. A lot of them have voiced out about it, but Rafa is just grateful to be playing tennis. 

As Nadal expressed his views on the challenging conditions, he also remained optimistic about playing under these situations. “Just in some way we have to try our best in every single moment, no? For ourselves first thing, because, we are lucky enough that we play tennis under this very tough worldwide circumstances,” Nadal said. 

Rafael Nadal continues his domination in the French Open 2020
Mandatory Credits: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

“In another way because there is a lot of people suffering in this world,” he added. “At least when we are fighting and we are creating a good show for the people who are at home is a good entertainment, no?” 

Absolute words of truth from Rafael Nadal. The King of Clay is spot on with his observation. Rafa is now into the fourth round, where he will take on Sebastian Korda. The young American has performed impressively so far, and he grew up inspired by Rafa’s game. Hence, it will indeed be an exciting watch!