“Way Better Money”: Former Teammate Lauds Michael Jordan for his NASCAR Commitment




Michael Jordan and John Salley have been good friends over the years. Even though Sally was a part of the ‘Bad Boys Pistons,’ a team that Jordan still hates, he united with ‘His Airness’ through the Chicago Bulls in 1996. From then till now, Salley has been positively advocating Jordan’s new ventures. He recently hailed MJ for starting a NASCAR team. 

Michael Jordan went to college at UNC and is connected to North Carolina by heart. The six-time NBA champion recently announced that he will join hands with Denny Hamlin to start a NASCAR team based out of NC.

A perfect crossover of NBA and NASCAR

Even though basketball is a huge sport, NASCAR is widely supported in North Carolina. John Salley thinks racing is even bigger than the NBA in those regions.

“For Michael Jordan to be in North Carolina to which you know is I guess the Mecca for NASCAR, it would make sense that not only do you have a team a basketball team — you should have the biggest sport there is,” Salley said. 

Bubba Wallace in action in NASCAR Cup Series
Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Moreover, MJ and professional racing driver Denny Hamlin gave out news about their driver as well. It has been confirmed that Bubba Wallace will be behind the wheel next season. “When I read that that Michael did that, I thought it was great that Bubba [Wallace] was one of his drivers,” he mentioned.

Salley rejoiced that Jordan has jumped into a different venture. MJ is placing his trust in a new business, even though he has hardly found success with the Charlotte Hornets. The 4x NBA champ feels that his new racing team might earn him money than the basketball team!

“I feel good for him that that he stayed in the sports arena and this is way better money. I might go and assist.”

Bubba Wallace reveals his serious conversation with Michael Jordan

27-year-old Bubba Wallace is currently racing for Richard Petty Motorsports. He has plenty of racing experience in his bag and looks to be the perfect choice for MJ’s new team.

 A few weeks ago, Wallace mentioned a few details from the call he had with his future boss, Michael Jordan. “He [Michael Jordan] called me and said, ‘We want to do this right, no more messing around, we want to win’”, Wallace revealed. 

“I want to go out there and showcase what I can do behind the wheel.”

This is indeed exciting news for fans of both Michael Jordan and NASCAR. MJ is expanding his portfolio and Wallace will race for a new team filled with plenty of expectations!