WATCH: Verstappen Jokes About Abiteboul’s Tattoo on the Team Radio After Learning of Daniel Ricciardo’s Podium




Daniel Ricciardo secured his first podium for Renault at the Eifel Grand Prix. However, it was not Ricciardo’s podium that people were talking about. Cyril Abiteboul and his impending tattoo were the center of a lot of hot debates. Max Verstappen took to team radio after the race to have a laugh about Cyril’s situation and the kind of tattoo he will get.

During the cool-down lap, Red Bull told Max that his old teammate will be joining him on the podium. “Your old mate, Daniel, is on the podium as well, man.

Max imagined Cyril’s situation and offered a hilarious response to the Australian’s podium finish. “Oh, nice! I’m looking forward to what tattoo he’s gonna choose for Cyril,” the Dutchman exclaimed.

Cyril clearly did not think this through when agreed to the deal with Ricciardo. Now, he can only hope that the Honeybadger chooses a good tattoo for him.

The podium was always coming for Ricciardo, considering his stellar performances this season. Naturally, the tattoo was always coming for Cyril at some point this year.

Once he gets his tattoo done, most of the drivers on the grid will be hoping to take a good look at it.

It’s gonna be fun- Pierre Gasly on what tattoo Daniel Ricciardo chooses for Cyril

Apart from Max, his former teammate in Red Bull, Pierre Gasly, too shared a laugh with his race engineer about Cyril getting a tattoo. “I’m looking forward to seeing Cyril’s tattoo now. It’s gonna be fun,” Gasly said.

Amid such hype, Ricciardo, during the post-race interview, declared that he will not be rushing into giving his Team Principal a tattoo.

I’m gonna have some thinking tonight on the flight home. We won’t rush it. But yeah, hopefully, we think of something in the next few weeks and get it for him,” Ricciardo said.

He also mentioned that the spot will be chosen by Cyril. “He chooses the position. But I’ll try to make it so that everyone can see and appreciate it,” Ricciardo said.

Overall, the next few weeks will most likely be interesting between Cyril and Ricciardo as they find common ground and agree to a tattoo.