WATCH: Sebastian Vettel’s Half Spin During the Eifel Grand Prix




Sebastian Vettel is at it again, his gradual demotion down the grid is a sorrow sight for every race fan; however, it is one that we have gotten used to.

To be perfectly candid, a racer of his caliber deserves to lead the pack, yet it seems like the SF1000 refuses to obey his commands. Maybe the car will give in to Carlos Sainz next year? Yet, at the Nurburgring, Sebastian suffered a spin off of Turn 1, barely an inch away from the gravel trap.

The drivers were already at the pit stops, changing their tires as a response to the slight possibility of rain. However, Sebastian couldn’t hold his car and completely lost control. The German had no grip on his rear tires and thus couldn’t help it.

However, soon after this unfortunate event, Sebastian Vettel dove into pits in search of a change in tires. As far as the latest updates are concerned, the tires are working well and the Ferrari #5 is performing way better at home.

Maybe that is what the German needs, one good race to get back on the points table. Yet, the tires aren’t all to win races, perseverance and inspiration are the most important factor of all. No matter how much you push it, once you lose your mojo, it is almost impossible to get it back.

The weekend was better for Vettel this time around. After starting at P11, he was gaining well, yet he may not be winning over his stars as he staggers at P14 between the Alfa Romeos again.

The downpour may aggravate situations as an enormous blanket of thick dark clouds gather over the Nurburgring circuit. Stay tuned.

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