WATCH: Rafael Nadal Stuns Novak Djokovic With a Crazy Dropper at French Open 2020 Finals




Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal locked horns in a historic battle to decide the winner of the French Open 2020. Rafa started the match in emphatic fashion and rallied away to a 6-0 first set victory. This massively affected Djoker’s momentum, and Nadal continued the dominance in the second set as well! 

Nadal and Djokovic share one of the most epic rivalries in sporting history. The pair have faced each other 55 times on the ATP Tour and seven times on the Parisian clay. This might probably be one of the most important matches ever, with both players chasing the GOAT crown in tennis. 

When it comes to Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal always elevates his game to the next level. Likewise, he began the finals in extraordinary fashion by breezing past the #1 seed and handing him a bagel in the first set. 

Rafael Nadal at the French Open 2020
Mandatory Credits: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Rafa’s forehands did the trick most of the time, but his tremendous defense mainly helped him hold on against Djokovic, who struggled to settle into the game. The Serb attempted to outshine Nadal by displaying his tremendous backhands and drop shots but failed to make an impact early in the game. 

Rafael Nadal toys with Novak Djokovic by outplaying his drop shots!

Things went the same route in the second set as well. Novak Djokovic tried to claw his way into the match by winning the first game in the second set, but things turned in a different direction after that. Nadal once again gained control through his solid defense and steamrolled ahead with his brilliant gameplay on the grand occasion. 

However, the second set proved to be a better one for Djokovic when compared to the first. The 33-year-old managed to win two out of three service games in this one. During a point in the Serb’s service game, both players held on with their brilliant defense, but Djokovic sliced a drop shot which invited Nadal to the net. 

Just as one would think Nadal lost the point, the Spaniard rushed to the net and played an even better drop, which gave Djokovic no chance. Nadal had a tight angle to make the return, but he took on the challenge to make the juicy drop and gain the point. 

The second set once again ended in Nadal’s favor as the 34-year-old clinched it 6-2. The match really looks titled in Rafa’s favor, and it seems like no one can stop him from winning a record-breaking 13th French Open crown!