“WATCH OUT”- Klay Thompson’s Father Confident of his Son’s Return in the 2021 NBA Season




The Golden State Warriors’ star Klay Thompson suffered from a torn ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2018-19 finals. He missed the 2019-20 season and was on his way back to full fitness.

He suffered from yet another long-term injury in the form of a torn Achilles this past week. This injury is going to keep him away from the game for yet another full season.

Klay Thompson’s father Mychal Thompson, who is a former NBA star, was optimistic that his son will be surely back in the 2021-2022 NBA season and this injury is just a trial.

Mychal said, “He’ll be back in 21-22. Watch Out. All of us have gone through trials in this life. Some bigger than others. This is just another one.”

The Warriors were hoping to make a comeback this season. This was supposed to be the return of the Big 3. But it seems like that was not meant to be.

 How is Klay the centerpiece to the Warriors?

Klay Thompson may not be the biggest star of the team, but his importance in the Warriors cannot be ignored. The value he brings to the Warriors squad is unmatched and he simply cannot be replaced.

Thompson is a great two-way guard in the NBA. Given the Warriors’ play style, a player like Klay plays a pivotal role. He undoubtedly is a great shooter of the ball. What’s more, his defensive capabilities are very pivotal to the side.

Klay’s defense plays a pivotal role in hiding the holes in Steph Curry‘s game. Klay has the ability to guard the other team’s shooters, which handicaps their offense.

Given how dangerous he is from the three-point line, he stretches his opponents out, creating room for other players to step into better positions. He is not just a shooter; he is much more than that.

Thompson is a clutch player too. No one can forget the nine threes he hit in a do or die Game 6 against the Houston Rockets in the 2018 Playoffs.

A player like Klay cannot be replaced in the squad. For the time being, the Warriors can stay competitive and add some players in order to do so. Hopefully, Thompson will be back and will be better than ever when he returns.

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