WATCH: Novak Djokovic Takes up a New Role at French Open 2020




Novak Djokovic’s recent past has been a roller coaster ride. He has drawn high praise for his game from every corner of the world. On the other hand, he is on the receiving end of staunch criticism. However, no one can deny that Novak Djokovic is one of the most humble human being around the tennis circuit. Time and again, we’ve had instances where he’s shown his humane side to the world. Needless to state, his actions brought forth joy and happiness to everyone.

Continuing his legacy of being the humble bee, Novak Djokovic mesmerized the French Open 2020 workers this evening. The Serbian was up against Daniel Elahi Galan of Columbia. When the groundsmen stepped in to sweep the court and distribute the clay proportionately, Djokovic offered a helping hand.

Borrowing the broom, Djokovic settled the clay, reducing the load of the ground staff. Needless to state, the audience around the Philippe Chatrier court applauded his action.

The official Roland Garros Twitter handle lightheartedly offered Djokovic a job in case his tennis career falters.

“If tennis doesn’t work out, we have a job for you,” the tweet read.

Novak Djokovic and his touch of kindness

This isn’t the first time that Djokovic has shown his humane side. Six years ago, at the Roland Garros itself, Djokovic impressed everyone with his actions.

The rain interrupted his match. Resting on the side bench, he summoned the ball boy to sit with him under the umbrella and keep himself dry. He even took the umbrella from the ball boy’s hand and handed him a tennis racquet. While it showered in Paris, the duo engaged in an animated conversation.

Novak Djokovic sweeps the court in the French Open 2020
Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – Serbia’s Novak Djokovic sweeps the court after a rain delay in his game against Colombia’s Daniel Elahi Galan Riveros REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

The media do not highlight these minor incidents as much as his Grand Slam victories. We lose most of them in the barrage of tennis news. Yet, they’ll remain etched into the memories of the people he has crossed paths with.

Apart from being an exceptional player, Novak Djokovic establishes himself over and over as a perfect human being.