WATCH: Novak Djokovic Puts Superb Dropshot Against Rafael Nadal at French Open 2020 Finals




It’s the day of the finale at the French Open 2020. Novak Djokovic is up against 12-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal. The battle has been one-sided so far with Nadal showing some fine shots and powerful winners. But it was Novak Djokovic who was nowhere behind. From the very first game, he forced Nadal to come down and return some of the toughest drop shots. It is definitely not easy, especially coming from one of the masters of the game like Djokovic.

Djokovic is really good at taking net points. A similar thing happened in the fourth game of the match when the scoreline was 30-15 with the Serbian trailing. But, this time it was the World No.2 Nadal who pushed Djokovic to come all the way to return a drop.

Nadal used a slice. But, the young, flexible Djokovic came down running, and instead of a winner, he returned the drop with a drop. This made Nadal come forward. He tried to do the same on the opposite side but the World No.1 was all ready. He was all in position to return it and won the point with the help of a forehand volley.

With the phenomenal return, Djokovic successfully made it to 30-30 in the fourth game.

Rafael Nadal is all prepared for Novak Djokovic’s drops

Rafael Nadal at the French Open 2020
Spain’s Rafael Nadal in action during the final against Serbia’s Novak Djokovic REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Djokovic had to try something different in order to conquer Nadal at Roland Garros. He went ahead with his drop. But, it was futile as Nadal was not ready to give up.

Right from the beginning of the match, Nadal tried to reach for every single drop shot. He even returned some of them by hitting winners. It was clear that the Spaniard would not lose points easily and would stretch till the last muscle of his body allows him to do.

This is the intensity of the final. Nobody wants to lose from here. Nadal has his 20th Grand Slam title while Djokovic has his 18th. It will be interesting to see if Djokovic continues to lay the traps of drops in front of Nadal or will he go for something else?