WATCH: Naomi Osaka Easily Outperforms Andy Lee at ‘Guess Whom?’




World No.3 Naomi Osaka recently defeated Hsieh Su-wei in the quarters of the Australian Open 2021. The Japanese starlet exhibited some great skills on the court and was able to thrash her opponent in straight sets. The final scoreline of the match read 6-2, 6-2.

Although Naomi Osaka is not that famous for the off the court fun activities, she recently did something quite exhilarating. The World No.3 player played ‘Guess Whom?’ with renowned Australian comedian Andy Lee.

‘Guess Whom?‘ is actually a board game in which both players have to first choose a card of any famous personality. The other person is then meant to guess the card of their opponent by asking some relevant questions. The one who manages to guess first ultimately wins the game.

The game began, and Andy picked up Ashleigh Barty that Naomi had to guess. On the other hand, Naomi Osaka picked up the card of the Tiger King, which Andy had to guess correctly.

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Naomi Osaka wins the game quite easily

It just took Naomi Osaka 5 questions to reach Ash Barty. She first asked Andy if the chosen celebrity was a female. When he replied in affirmative, the 3-time Grand Slam winner quickly put down all the male personalities.

Tennis – Australian Open – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia, February 16, 2021, Japan’s Naomi Osaka celebrates winning her quarterfinal match against Taiwan’s Su-Wei Hsieh REUTERS/Loren Elliott

Naomi then used her brain and asked if the chosen person was smiling in the picture. Andy said yes, and then Naomi inched even closer. She then asked if she was a tennis player or not. When Andy smiled and again said yes, Naomi almost made it to Barty.

She soon guessed it right and managed to do that before her opponent, Andy Lee. It was quite surprising, as fans had only rarely seen Osaka engage in any sort of leisurely activity before this.

Naomi Osaka has successfully reached the semis of the Australian Open 2021. She’ll face her idol and 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams there.

Will Osaka be able to beat Williams just like she did at the US Open 2018 and inch one step closer to her fourth Grand Slam title? Only time will tell.

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