WATCH: Lakers’ Star Guard Gifts a Flying Anthony Davis a Thrilling Alley-oop




Rajon Rondo is deservingly the Playoff Rondo, for he has been very economical for the Lakers. He got a late start into the NBA Playoffs 2020 but has successfully made his presence felt on the side that is largely dominated by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

A 6’1”, Rajon definitely does not match with the size for which the Lakers are popular. However, this works for his advantage when he covers the entire court so flawlessly with all that athleticism. He is a supreme passer and one of the most brilliant point guards. He has shown it time and again, and Game 5 against the Nuggets was no exception.

Rajon Rondo lobs Lakers to new heights!

In Game 5, where the Lakers looked forward to winding up the series, the franchise had a decent first half. They outscored the Nuggets 61-51 with LeBron James having a great Q2 as he entered the third, already having 16 points in his kitty. 

But one moment that most caught the attention was Rajon Rondo’s epic lob pass to Anthony Davis during the last minutes of Q2. Have a close look as he gives the best direction to an amazing block by Markieff Morris.

All that the Nuggets could do was stand and watch as AD gave perfect treatment to an even more accurate pass from Rondo. Such playmaking skills speak highly of Rondo’s talent as well as his importance in the squad.

Playoff Rondo has been a blessing for the LA franchise!

Going back to Game 4 against the Nuggets, Rondo came from the bench to give 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 11 points. He is ranked #15 in the all-time assists record, trailing just behind Rockets’ Russell Westbrook. If he keeps moving at the same pace, a seat in the top 10 is also possible for him.

The Lakers bench continued to surprise even in Game 5. Alex Caruso again had a great outing with 11 points coming in the first half. The Lakers have worked a lot on their negatives and are turning their weaknesses into their strengths. No wonder they’ve lost only a few games in the post-season.