WATCH: Kimi Raikkonen Gets an Adorable Reception From His Kids at Home




The life of a Formula 1 racer is tough, traveling from one part of the world to another week in and week out. What’s more, driving a machine down tight corners at 300 km/h is both physically and mentally draining.

Their only respite comes in the form of a week well spent with the family. Well, our old man, Kimi Raikkonen, planned the same for this week.

Kimi Raikkonen is gradually settling into the dying moments of his Formula One career; however, he has not dropped his habit of ticking milestones off his list.

The 2007 World Champion recently broke Rubens Barrichello’s record of the highest number of career starts. What do you reckon would have been the best way to celebrate such a landmark achievement? A party with loud music and tons of shots.

Well, our man in the Alfa Romeo cockpit thinks otherwise. A peaceful and calm week with his family is all he wants. The post-pandemic FIA calendar ushered in several no race weekends; however, the FIA arranged a series of triple headers to fill the void that was created.

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Kimi Raikkonen is not about the fancy celebration

The fancy celebration with party and music is not exactly Kimi Raikkonen’s forte. His career shines bright with achievements like any other champion; however, he is seemingly past all the extravagance.

A cake-cutting ceremony was all that he needed. He replied to a tweet that captured the moment of celebration, “Yes, I have been around for a while. Thanks for all the support and cake.”

Kimi Raikkonen belongs to a generation that did not indulge in a lot of activities off the track. The veteran driver may have an Instagram handle, but deep down inside, he is still the same.

Kimi has reached a point in his life where he would fancy nothing more than his family, besides racing of course.

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