WATCH: How the Marvelous NBA Championship Ring is Designed




The blood, the sweat, the hard work, innumerable sacrifices, all that an NBA player puts into a season receives the justice when/if he wears that NBA ring. This coveted possession is something that the players dream for themselves and the fans dream for the players. 

Every season, the world gets to witness a unique set of championship rings when the stupendous Ring Ceremony takes place. It is in those few hours every year when one wonders, how on earth are they so unique and beautiful? Here is the answer…

Everything that you need to know about the making of an NBA Championship Ring

It is always best to learn from an expert. One such person named Jason Arasheben, who holds expertise in designing and manufacturing rings, has developed many rings for the NBA Champions. He explained the process in its entirety in a video. 

The 1st step is brainstorming. Herein, the NBA Champion team’s monumental stats, team identity, the regular & post-season records, team slogan, etc. are taken into consideration to design a story behind the success. A ring must also tick the requirements set by the NBA. These must stay common in each and every NBA ring to maintain authenticity. The 2nd step talks about the Diamond layout. On a CAD software, 12 to 13 different pieces of a ring are designed, that eventually attach and become one. This is one of the most arduous processes of all, as it requires perfection.

The 3rd step is dedicated to wax printing. Here, the art on the computer actually takes a shape and then precisely checked. The 4th step would want the expert jewelers to smoothen the parts and assemble the ring. The second last step involves the placement of diamonds that give the Golden ring that touch of royalty. Expert Diamond-setters work on it and check every minute detailing under a microscope. Lastly, the final ring emerges, and it hides behind a thousand stories, very well detailed in every millimeter of its inner and outer surface.

Some fun facts about the Championship ring that every fan must know!

A Championship ring basically goes to all the members of the winning organization. It goes to players, the coaching staff, the administration, and if the management allows, to some other important members too.

While narrating one such tale, Mr. Jason revealed, “Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Klay Thompson, they all ordered a ton of rings for their family.” He also added, “2017 Warriors ring had more diamonds than any other championship ring across all four major sports.”

Some other facts that he unveiled from his own manufacturing-

Lakers (2009 & 10): The 2009 ring was designed as the replica of the home stadium. It flaunted the skyline of Los Angeles, had on it the name of the players, and the post-season record. In the 2010 championship ring, every ring had the game 7 ball, built into the inside of the ring. They got the ball with the permission of the then NBA commissioner David Stern and used it to understand & detail the designing.

Golden State Warriors (2015, ’17, and ’18)- The Warriors’ 2015 ring was the first to not have ‘World Champions’ written on the top of the ring. The organization insisted on a minimalist design. The 2017 ring boasted the most carat weight, all the parts having different kinds of diamonds, ranging from Round (commonest diamond), Marquise, Emeralds, Pear, Princess, and Asscher. Their latest 2018 ring symbolized the back-to-back title wins (2 trophies). The ring clicks open to become a different ring to explain that. All this makes an NBA ring stand out against any other sports memorabilia.