WATCH: Epic Failure for Lando Norris as He Tries Using Mercedes’ DAS in 2019 F1 Game




McLaren driver Lando Norris always finds a way to get himself some attention. This time, he managed to pull off another stunt, and it was hilarious. Before the coronavirus pandemic dominated every headline, one of the biggest pieces of news was Mercedes and its infamous DAS.

For the uninitiated, the device helps the drivers make a minor realignment of the front wheels. The front wheels are normally at a slight angle, but the device appears to straighten them. Furthermore, as the driver pushes the column back in, the wheels realigned to their original position.

Suffice to say, Lando Norris chose to drive the Mercedes car on F1 2019 and implement his own version of the DAS. Unfortunately, that little experiment failed miserably and he ended up crashing the car. It is also note-worthy that he tried to be sneaky and use his ‘expert’ photoshop skills to turn the Mercedes into the McLaren.

Suffice to say, nobody was fooled, but he and everyone else got a good laugh. Every new F1 fan knows that Norris loves online racing and constantly streams on Twitch. He is part of the younger generation of drivers, taking social media to the next level, and is leading the charge for the online racing craze in F1.

What is the latest on Lando Norris?

The British youngster recently spoke about McLaren’s migration to Mercedes for the 2021 season. Admittedly, McLaren fell from grace during their nightmarish Honda years, and are trying to rebuild.

He admitted that swapping to Mercedes power in 2021 will be a welcome boost, but he insists that it won’t be “everything”. Speaking to GPToday, he said, “It’s what we believe will be an addition and something to help us step forward but it’s not going to be everything.”

“There’s a lot of time that we still need to find in the chassis itself and not just rely on the engine. So it helps and it’s a step forward but there’s a lot of things in Formula 1, so many things that are part of making a car go quickly and this is just one of the hundreds of thousands [of things].”