WATCH: Actor Jamie Foxx Showcases a Hilarious Imitation of Lakers’ Star LeBron James




When LeBron James joined the Lakers two summers back, another legend blessed Kobe Bryant‘s franchise by teaming up with it. Purple-gold fans are all over the place and their excitement is justified after a tremendous season that they have had.

Well, the love for Kobe and his franchise extends to LeBron James at the moment. The King has done justice with Kobe’s team. He’s been an inspiration in the league as he emerged better than so many young stars trying to touch their prime in the career.

At the age of 35 years, Bron’s agility, strength, and dominance is proving to be unmatchable. The Lakers’ star is averaging 27.6 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 8.7 assists, nearly a triple-double this 2020 postseason. To add to those numbers, there is a lengthy list of feats and records broken during the course of this year.

Alongside a suitable teammate in Anthony Davis, LeBron made sure he touched the 10th Finals appearance of his career.

Another person in Bron’s list of fans is popular actor, Jamie Foxx. He is truly excited to see Lakers in the Finals going strong against Miami Heat.

Marvel Actor, Jamie Foxx is a huge fan of LeBron James

Recently, during Jamie’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, he imitated LeBron in an apt manner like a fan would do for his favorite player. It was hilarious to watch him bring out the exact expressions that we see on Bron’s face on the court.

Jamie came up on the show flaunting the No. 23 jersey that he was wearing with James printed on the back.

Kimmel and Fox had a nice laugh over the imitation scene and the Marvel actor clearly seemed to be in awe of James. Despite being from Dallas, Jamie admits, “I’m a LeBron James fan.”

Well, the numbers are huge if we begin counting on Bron’s supporters. He has been phenomenal, whether it be during his young days or now at 35 years of age. ‘Wine’, would be an accurate description of the King, the older he gets, the better.