Warriors’ Draymond Green Shuts Down Calls to Suspend Anthony Davis, Recalls the Impact of 2016 Suspension




It’s funny how one wrong call for a basketball foul can work out the possibility of what could have happened. In a recent Game 5 Finals matchup with Miami Heat, Anthony Davis‘ unnoticed punch on Jae Crowder’s face is getting some negative comments from viewers.

NBA fans are mind-baffled after Heat forced a Game 6 in the Finals series against the Lakers. It was a tremendous effort from Jimmy Butler and his fellow teammates.

Anthony Davis and Miami Heat’s Jae Crowder got into an unseen off-ball fight

Well, it was surely an intense day on court for both the teams. While Miami was fighting to get back on its toes, Lakers were looking to close the series. In the heat of the moment, a couple of banters took place and a rough game led to many body contacts.

During the course of it, Anthony Davis and Jae Crowder got tangled up in an off-ball movement. The two struck the floor and Davis got up with a furious reaction by hitting Crowder hard on his face, apparently with his elbow.

The interesting bit is that referees didn’t get a look at this incident. Rather, viewers and analysts post the game caught hold of this unseen act. Now, the question remains- should Davis be suspended for the rest of the Finals? While Lakers fans will get scared by even a hint of that, others are suspicious of this.

The league told Local 10 News, “We review every play in the games from all angles and there was nothing further to do with this.” The case seems to rest with that statement.

Draymond Green has gone through the brunt of Finals game suspension

This particular incident haunts back to 2016 NBA Finals Game 4 when Draymond Green and LeBron James got into an escalated altercation. The consequence of that was Green’s suspension from the next game, which resulted in Warriors’ defeat over the Cavaliers.

James’ team won the championship of 2016 after making a historic comeback from 3-1 down in the Finals. Warriors won the next two NBA titles, but that one refrained them from achieving the three-peat.

Now that Davis stands in a similar situation, Draymond Green, who experienced it in his past, came to his rescue. The hype around AD’s aggressive move against Crowder enraged Miami fans and many others. Amidst this, Green tweeted, “Why suspend someone and [decide] the season?… That’s whack.”

Clearly, he knows how events like these take a toll on championships.

Davis’ exit from the Finals will largely impact the Lakers, but is it the right thing to do? Is the league doing a fair job out there?