“Wanting to be Michael Jordan”- Legendary Reporter Picks Kobe Bryant as the GOAT of NBA




The GOAT debate is a vast topic, with numerous players over the years entering the conversation. Even the late legend Kobe Bryant was once a top candidate for clinching the GOAT label from Michael Jordan.

Legendary NBA reporter Mike Gray still believes Kobe is the GOAT over LeBron James and Michael Jordan. He explained his reasoning in the latest episode of ‘THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas’.

“I’ve known him since he was an infant and I saw him through the whole progression of virtually all of those 41 years. It still hurts to think that he is not here with us…

“To see what this man became, the myopic vision of emulating and patterning and wanting to be Michael Jordan. And then to achieve that height to touch that perfection, even for just for a moment…

“The concept he had of locking in and the Mamba Mentality and everything that he created and it was real. Kobe just wanted to win and if you got in the way of winning, you are in the way. 

“Didn’t matter if it was a teammate, didn’t part if it were a part of the organization, didn’t matter if it was an opponent. It didn’t matter, if it was himself, he had to fight within himself too to be better tomorrow then he was yesterday…

“And he was dedicated to his family, he was dedicated to his sport and he had really really a makeup and the composition of a GOAT.”

Kobe’s impact on the world of basketball can never be forgotten. Even though he has passed away, there are plenty of memories that keep him alive in fans’ hearts.

The case of Kobe Bryant for GOAT…

Kobe Bryant during a game against the Clippers
LOS ANGELES, CA — SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2013 — The Lakers Kobe Bryant watches the game slip away during their 109-95 loss to the Clippers on Sunday afternoon at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Photo by Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers. During his 20 year stint with the team, he faced several ups and downs with the team. But at the end of the day, he won 5 glorious NBA Championships for the team.

Apart from his tremendous championship resume, Kobe had a series of individual accolades to his name. However, due to his game being similar to MJ’s most people disregarded Kobe’s name from the GOAT convo.

What are your thoughts on Kobe Bryant as the GOAT? Do you agree with this take?

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