“Wanted to Master Everything”: 7-time NBA Champion Shares Memorable story with Lakers’ Legend Kobe Bryant




Robert Horry has won seven championship titles. This means he has had the privilege of playing alongside and against some of the finest players the NBA has offered. Yes, this includes players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Bryant and Horry, together with the Lakers, have won three rings. Even though their dynamic on the court was spectacular, they had their difficulties too. However, that was all just a part and parcel of the game, and both always showed immense respect for one another.

Ever since his passing, players have opened up about their favorite Kobe story. It’s a popular question presented to everyone associated with the Legend.  Thus, Robert Horry narrated his own story recently on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’.

Robert Horry’s precious moment with the Kobe Bryant

During the interview, Patrick asked, “Would you rather have Kobe or LeBron as a teammate in your prime?”. To this, Horry quickly took Kobe’s name and said, “The love I have for Kobe and watching him work hard in practice. The best thing about Kobe was beating him in practice. He wouldn’t talk to you for two days until he got a chance to play against you again in practice and beat you.”

Finally, when asked about his favorite Kobe story, Horry narrated, “We were on the plane flying to Europe and we were sitting there playing spades. He was just sitting there watching us. It’s almost like a kid who hadn’t seen anything before.”

“It was so funny,” stated Horry. “He was like ‘what’re you all doing?’ and I said we’re playing spades, you don’t know how to play spades? He’s like ‘no’. And so I sat down and taught him how to play spades. And I thought it was the most interesting thing to me.”

Patrick’s follow up question was, “And then Kobe wants to master it, right?”. Horry asserted, “Yes, of course. He was such a guy who wanted to master everything. He was so locked in and so keen. I play with a lot of great athletes and he is the only one that will really you know if you tell him you can’t do something. He would go in the gym the next day and work on it just to prove you wrong.”

This speaks volumes about the athlete, and even the person Kobe was. Such anecdotes are exactly why Kobe will always remain alive as the face of the league and the Lakers’ franchise.