Virgil van Dijk and Eddie Hearn Discuss The Importance of Short-Term Goals




Liverpool Centre back Virgil van Dijk has come up a long way from being an underdog to one of the finest footballers of the modern era. Getting to the goal is tough when Van Dijk is standing on your way. No matter how great you are, you are bound to give your best and challenge the circumstances to surpass him.

That said, the Dutch footballer recently connected with Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to talk about his life. He believes that you need “luck” apart from hard work to be successful in your career.

Hearn and Van Dijk have got a lot in common. They have started from the bottom and are at the top of the world at his point. So they passed some valuable advice to the teenagers in their recent interaction.

Virgil van Dijk and Eddie Hearn share their mantra of success

The official Twitter handle of BBC 5 Live sport has recently posted a clip of the interaction, sending the sports fans into a frenzy. While the duo discussed several things about their respective careers, the story of success was also included.

When asked to share his belief, Van Dijk said, “I think you need you need a bit of luck in you career, but apart from that, it’s all about your hard work. Commit yourself to your goals. Do everything that’s possible to try and achieve those goals.  I think the most important thing is that you need to believe in yourself.”

Van Dijk also clarified that we need to set short-term goals other than the long ones. He added, “Apart from that set short-term goals. Obviously, you can have dreams and you should never ever stop dreaming either because things are always possible, I think. There are different things to it, but the main thing is just to enjoy it. Enjoy the whole experience, the ride, everything. Give everything you got.”

It was a friendly interaction between the supreme sports personalities. No wonder it was also inspiring for all the sports enthusiasts.

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