Vietnamese F1 Grand Prix Very Close to Being Shelved Permanently Amid Major Scandal




The Hanoi circuit of the Vietnamese Grand Prix appears to be out of luck. Despite building a state-of-the-art facility, it may not see a single Vietnamese Grand Prix on the tracks. COVID-19 smashed their 2020 dreams, and corruption has allegedly smashed their 2021 dreams.

This serves as a huge let down for the F1 fans back in Vietnam. They eventually had to call off their race for this season. However, as they did it long after F1 had already annulled it, there had risen a considerable confusion.

The reason for this year’s postponement is different altogether. This is one disease that has been plaguing humanity for long – corruption. Sources say that they arrested a key official for dealing in state secrets involved in the proceedings of the race.

Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, Nguyen Duc Chung, was arrested in August for the alleged appropriation of documents containing state secrets. With such a big allegation, F1 may not be looking ahead to future races in Vietnam.

According to BBC, F1 has not just postponed but may have dropped the Vietnamese Grand Prix entirely. Their 23-race calendar now comes down to 22, and they may not extend it.

“Talks are ongoing with regard to a possible race in Vietnam in 2022, but the situation raises the significant possibility that the event will fail to materialise” reads the report.

On being questioned about the details of the calendar they replied,

Our calendar will be announced tomorrow and we are not going to give a running commentary before its publication. It also needs to go to the World Motor Sport Council for approval.

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Vietnamese Grand Prix may not materialize in near future

The new circuits this year have added a spark to the otherwise monotonous races of F1. All the new circuits, Mugello, Portimao, and Imola held exciting races that promised fans the due drama.

Chung’s involvement has nothing much to do with the F1 race entirely; however, he was a key figure in the entire affair. He was the one to promote it in front of the government and get approval.

Although the situation hints at a possible 2022 race at Hanoi, the manner in which the case is being furnished, the probability is less. To add to the misery of the fans in the state, the replacement race would take place in any one of the new circuits from this season.

Besides Hanoi, another circuit with an uncertain fate would be the new Brazilian circuit of Rio. The Deodoro forest would have to be burned to the ground for the project and many have spoken against it.

Well, the two new circuits, both promising exciting races and weekends, are off the calendar. For Brazil F1 will have to stick with Interlagos and Hanoi is under the pangs of a corruption controversy.

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