Udonis Haslem Gives a Befitting Response Over Claims of Dirk Nowitzki Hating LeBron James & Miami Heat




The Dallas Mavericks took the world by surprise back in the 2010-11 NBA season. Dirk Nowitzki led the Mavs to their sole NBA Championship, and he did that in style. Nowitzki’s side overcame the newly formed Miami Heat Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Former Mavericks player JJ Barea talked about their battle against the Heat in the “JJ Redick Podcast.” He described that Dirk Nowitzki apparently hated Miami and its three superstars. While Dirk never gave a comment on this, it has become one of the biggest talking points in the last few days.

Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem defends LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh

Right after Barea’s comments, the Mavericks came out on top in their New Year’s day clash against Miami. Following the defeat, Heat veteran Udonis Haslem cleared some air on the allegations made by Barea in the podcast. Haslem said:

I don’t (know) why this is news. We didn’t need anyone to make fun of us. We already hated they as*es. So f**king what he didn’t like being picked on.”

Two teams being extremely competitive is nothing less than what fans expect in the NBA Finals. However, what Barea is talking about is a viral video of then-Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. In the video the two can be seen making fun of Nowitzki by coughing due to Dirk being a little sick prior to Game 5.

Whatever be the case, we might never know if Dirk really hated the Heat or not. But one thing is sure, he proved himself during the 2011 NBA Finals, as they finished off the Heat in just 6 games. Dirk also bagged in the sole Finals MVP award of his career following his heroics against the Miami Heat.

The aftermath of Heat vs Mavericks 2011 NBA Finals

MIAMI, FL – JUNE 25: LeBron James participates in the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Celebration at AmericanAirlines Arena on June 25, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/WireImage)

During that time, the Heat were without a doubt the most hated team in the league. Following their defeat against the Mavericks, the hatred grew even stronger. However, for the Heat, it was a blessing in disguise.

The disappointing finals performance humbled the three superstars and as a result they came back even stronger. They won two consecutive titles in the subsequent two years and established themselves as one of the greatest trios of all time.

What are your thoughts on this recent drama around the Heat Big 3? Do you believe Dirk Nowitzki really hates his former rivals? Let us know your views in the comments section down below.

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