Twin Sister Reveals Frustration with Eugenie Bouchard Comparison, Says She ‘Doesn’t Have a Name’




Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard’s sister Beatrice has opened up about comparisons with her twin. Beatrice, a fashion model, said she has always been compared to her sister and people often recognize her as Genie’s twin.

“(I) have always been compared to my twin sister my whole life, and that is heavy, let me tell you, it’s heavy. People come up to me (and say), ‘oh, you’re the sister! Oh hi, are you the sister of…? Can I take a picture with you? What’s your name? You’re the sister, right, but what’s your name?’” Beatrice said.

“I’m just orbiting around my sister”: Beatrice on constant comparisons with Eugenie Bouchard

Beatrice added that she has had to carry the label for twenty years when she is actually the elder of the twins. She said that she is so often recognized by the relation to her sister that she often forgets that she has an identity of her own.

“So just picture that for like, 2o years. You don’t even feel like your own person. I’m just the sister. I joke about it like, ‘oh yeah, I’m the sister, Nice to meet you. I don’t have a name. I’m the sister.’ I’m just orbiting around my sister, I’m not my own. I’m six minutes older, I was born first. She’s my sister,” the 26-year-old said.

Beatrice said that while it’s fair to say that people don’t intentionally tag her with her sister and neither is it done with malicious intent, it does affect her confidence.

“I know it’s not meant in a malicious (sense), it’s not meant in a bad way. But that definitely affects my confidence, I’m just always, ‘oh my god, can someone say something different for once?” Beatrice said.

Beatrice says Eugenie doesn’t take her along wherever she goes

Beatrice added that people often assume that her sister, being a big name in the tennis world, will get her twin along wherever she goes.

Busting that myth, the 26-year-old said, “People probably assumed, ‘oh like, go with your sister, she’ll bring you everywhere. No. My sister brought me nowhere. And if I wanted to go (and) watch her at Wimbledon, she’d say, ‘okay come see me, buy your ticket, buy your plane ticket.”

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Her sister has won her first qualifier for the Australian Open and has two more hurdles to cross before she can seal her entry into the main women’s draw.