“Trash Scheduling”: Denis Shapovalov Disappointed With Organization at French Open 2020




The French Open 2020 is being organized under adverse conditions. Delayed due to the COVID-19 situation, Paris is experiencing stretches of cold weather in place of the hot humid afternoons. These conditions along with a tight playing schedule are making it hectic for the players to cope up with the exhaustion of the match. Canadian tennis professional Denis Shapovalov slammed the authorities for the packed schedule in the French Open 2020.

Denis Shapovalop not at all happy with the schedule and the bubble

Denis Shapovalov had his second-round match at the Suzanne Lenglen. The match went on for a marathon 5 setter in which the Canadian embraced his defeat. Shapovalov has his French Open 2020 hopes alive since he’s taking part in the doubles event. Partnering with Rohan Bopanna, the duo will be playing their first-round match today. A meager 5-hour rest finds Shapovalov furious with the schedule.

Scheduling is absolutely awful. After a 5 hour match, I have to play doubles now. It’s just like, it’s just complete trash scheduling“, complained Shapovalov. “It’s disappointing. I mean you’re in a Grand Slam and I don’t want to sound spoiled, you know, but you expect at least some help from the tournament to help you compete. I mean, how am I supposed to come out and play doubles after a five-hour match? It’s the first round as well, they could’ve scheduled it way better, way easier, I mean it’s not acceptable.”

Shapovalov let out a bombarding statement against the organizers. Due to the pandemic crisis, players are expected to stay within the assigned bubbles. This protocol was followed in the US Open 2020 as well. However, the player alleges that the bubble is non-existent in the Roland Garros and there is no proper restriction on movements in and out of the residing premises.

Honestly, I think they are not doing a good job. There’s really no bubble, especially in the second hotel I heard. It’s just there is bo bubble, you know. You can leave the hotel, you can go to the city, there’s no problem, there’s nobody stopping you, so it’s, New York was done way better.”

Injury woes for the players

The 21-year-old picked up a hamstring injury during his singles match. The freezing condition of Paris has put forth the risk of injury to the forefront. Although there is nothing to avoid the consequences. With his doubles game round the corner, hopefully, the injury is nothing serious.

Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious. We’re playing in freezing conditions. It’s bound to happen that players are going to get hurt. It’s a bit frustrating but there’s really nothing we can do“, the tweet read.

Roberto Carballes Baena in action against Denis Shapovalov
Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – Spain’s Roberto Carballes Baena in action during his second-round match against Canada’s Denis Shapovalov REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Denis Shapovalov lost his way in the French Open 2020

Denis Shapovalov faced Roberto Carballes Baena in his second-round match this afternoon. The Canadian was hopeful about proceeding into the third round. However, a stellar performance from the Spaniard spoiled the fun for the 9th seed.

The match swayed like a pendulum to and fro offering either player the advantage and readily switching the tie in a moment. Roberto won the first set with 7 games to 5. Shapovalov made his comeback in the second set as he pocketed the set 7-6. Going neck to neck, Roberto again soared ahead of Shapovalov as he took the third set 6-3.

Repeating the scoreline of the third set, the fourth set was won by Denis Shapovalov. Both the players winning two sets each set the game into the decisive set. Setting up a formidable clash, both of them locked horns for the match. Ultimately, Roberto emerged as the winner as he took the set 8-6.