Trae Young’s Twitter Account Gets Blitzed: Internet Trolls the Hacker for Doing a Poor Job




22-year-old Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks had a disappointing 2019/20 NBA season. They didn’t even make it to the Playoffs as the Hawks finished 14th in the East. While the wounds from having a poor season might have worn off, Trae’s twitter recently got hacked, which adds more insult to injury. 

Cyber threat is on the rise, and no one is safe. Several celebrities have suffered twitter hacks, and Trae Young is the latest victim from the NBA. Though Young retrieved his account pretty quickly, the damage was already done by the anonymous person who gained access to the sharpshooter’s account. 

Hacker goes crazy after gaining access to Trae Young’s twitter handle

What does it feel like to be in the shoes of a hacker? What motivates him/her to blitz into the accounts of famous personalities and vent their unpopular opinions through their accounts? Well, we don’t have the answer to that. But what we do have are the posts which the hacker made through Trae’s account! 

One of the first things the hacker did was a post that he needs a “Glock.”

Moreover, he posted a series of tweets that really didn’t sit well with anyone. Even the ones who get excited by the hackers ended up trolling the poor kid who enjoyed a few minutes of fame by getting into Trae’s account. 

Lastly, the hacker got into the world of basketball and took a dig at the two possible finalists this year. 

After all this was done, it was the time for the Twitteratis to explode the internet with memes about the hacker. 

Twitter mercilessly trolls Trae’s hacker for doing an awful job

Hey, many people on the internet appreciate hackers, right? Well, they attempt to do a hilarious job, but the success rate isn’t always 100%! Some guys do a pitiful job, and Trae’s hacker went down as one of them. 

Twitter users barged in with their reactions after the hacker was pacified following a few minutes of fame. 

Some even called out Trae Young for his poor defense, both on and off the court. Wonder what Trae’s password might have been!

Moreover, the hacker caused a widespread outrage due to the fact that he unpinned Trae’s beautiful tribute to Kobe Bryant. Fans were stunned with the insensitive act by the unknown person. 

The hacker was trolled for his bad sense of humor, as none of the posts seemed to have triggered a user to laugh. 

The situation is under control now, but only for the time being. There are still several people who are out there waiting to take advantage of vulnerable accounts. Though it seems like fun and games, it is an unethical act, nonetheless.