“Those Are Some Tough Choices”: Serena Williams Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Unique Dance Moves




Former world no.1 Serena Williams is enjoying the festive period. She took upon an Instagram challenge, picking some of the toughest choices.

Flaunting her excellent dance moves, Serena made some tough choices. The most surprising being that she chose Wimbledon over the US Open. Other choices included choosing her favorite place, favorite snack, etc.

Serena Williams’ dance moves on the tennis court

Serena’s dance moves weren’t just restricted to her home, as she brought them to the tennis court too. While practicing recently, Serena showcased her top-notch technique, but also grooved on her own, showcasing some dance moves. Her coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on the video well.

“I was told I don’t share enough of my training, I hope this helps y’all know I’m serious,”  Serena wrote in the caption.

“I like when you move your legs like that,” Mouratoglou commented.

Naomi Osaka also had a few words for Serena, and so did Serena’s sister, Venus Williams.

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Serena Williams with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou during a training session. (Photo by Shirley Kwok/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Serena’s agent Jill Smoller also revealed a few things about Serena. He iterated that Serena’s training sessions involve great focus and concentration. “When Serena is training, that’s all she’s thinking about,” he said.

Smoller also said that when Serena loses a big match, it’s a major blow and she can “get very dark and down on herself and wants time alone.”

Serena Williams at the US Open. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

We all know Serena is very passionate about her daughter Alexis Olympia. Her agent agreed with that. “She always shows up for her baby. She doesn’t have that luxury to disappear, because she’s a mom,” he said.

Serena is now getting ready for the 2021 Australian Open, and her preparations have already begun. She will also keep in mind the quarantine protocols to be followed in Australia.

After a rather disappointing 2020 season, Serena will look to regroup herself in a bid for her 24th Grand Slam victory.

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