“They Weren’t Interested”: Serena Williams Opens up on the Rejection She Faced Before Starting Her Business




Top tennis players have become a brand in themselves. They are so popular that off the court they try to do a lot of things. These players have various business ventures that they look after. Serena Williams, as well has been quite influential and thus has her own business venture ‘S by Serena’. But initially, she had to face a lot of trouble pitching her idea forward.

Serena Williams was pushed to a corner in 2018 as she had trouble finding retailers to partner with her. Just before the launch of her clothing line, this trouble arose and caused a hindrance to ‘S by Serena’.

“They weren’t interested. A lot of celebrities were coming out with a lot of different brands at the time, and I don’t know if they were successful. Or maybe they just didn’t want me, I don’t know.” Serena said.

Serena Williams serves during her match. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

But now ‘S by Serena’ is a premium clothing line. It is an online venture and is highly supported by people around the globe. Further, the company ran some interesting campaigns in the last few months, which gained a lot of traction on social media.

“Morning time is tennis time. Afternoon time is business time. I’m really, really organized with my time.” Serena on how she manages everything.

Serena Williams’ investment firm

Obviously, ‘S by Serena’ is one of the ventures that Serena is interested in. Back in 2014, Serena created her investment firm, ‘Serena Ventures’ which invests on her behalf. Her hard-earned money has now been invested in various kinds of companies since 2014. And thus ‘S by Serena’ is funded by ‘Serena Ventures’.

“From day one S by Serena has been about community and not about money. Obviously, we do need to stay afloat, but we also want our customers to be happy when they’re wearing our clothes.” Serena about ‘S by Serena’.

Serena Williams of the USA celebrates with daughter Alexis Olympia. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

So Serena is a tennis player, a businesswoman, and a mother. She is still juggling them along well and is a proud example in all those fields.

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