“They Don’t Know Me”-Fernando Alonso Says He “Doesn’t Understand” His Critics




The 2-time World Champion returns to the grid in 2021. Fernando Alonso races for his former team Renault rebranded as Alpine for the upcoming season. The Spaniard is optimistic that he will put up a tough fight against the Silver Arrows’ drivers. He is also back in a third stint with Renault to claim his third championship.

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The critics don’t bother Fernando Alonso

No matter how successful or dedicated a person may be, haters are a natural phenomenon. Alonso’s case is no different. The Spaniard focuses on his work, already making rounds to the factory. Yet, he still has time for his haters. In a recent interview, Alonso gave them a piece of his mind.

Everyone can have their own opinion. But it always suited me that they didn’t have a very good opinion about me. Because many people were surprised when they got to know me personally,” mocked the Spaniard.

Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy – September 11, 2020 Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo during practice REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini/Pool

Fernando Alonso is not about words, he is all about action. His sincerity is something that Renault as a team covets. Honestly, they understand that there is no room for error with Alonso in the cockpit.

The Spaniard definitely believes in proving his mettle through his performance on the track and was quite clear about the same during the interview.

“If someone has a bad impression of me, then that person should be wondering why that is. After all, they don’t know me. I don’t really understand these people,” expressed Alonso.

First contact with Renault in 2019

The Spaniard returned to Renault after spending some time at the Le Mans and Indianapolis. He chose F1 because he knew that is where his heart lies. He claims that Renault had approached him in November 2019. Before that, it was just casual talks with the team. He elaborated on the entire process for the interview.

“There was only loose contact. I got the first call in June 2019, they just wanted to find out whether I was already bored at home. Then in August a team wanted to change drivers, but at that point, I wanted to not back yet,” replied Alonso.

He wanted to try his hand in other formats. His skill on the track in undeniable. Also, we cannot rule out that F1 was not a very competitive sport for some time. Maybe the new regulations brought him back. Whatever said and done, he means business and the leaders better watch out.

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