“They Can Stand Up to Mercedes” – Fernando Alonso Backs Ferrari to Break Out of Current Slump




2021 will see the return of the legendary Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, into the spectacle of F1 racing. Alonso returns to Renault, the team that won him 2 World Championships back in 2005 and 2006.

The team Alonso left for following his success at Renault was Ferrari. And although he didn’t win any titles at Ferrari, it’s a team that commands massive respect from Alonso.

The Scuderia may be in a horrible downward spiral at the moment. But taking an example from his time with the Prancing Horse, Alonso speaks about Ferrari’s ability to bounce back from a disappointing year relatively quickly and achieve a quick turnaround.

He thinks that they’ll be back competing for podiums, wins, and titles soon enough.

Alonso said (translated by Google), “Ferrari is Ferrari. In 2014, my last year there, we had a difficult year and in 2015 they managed to win the second race in Malaysia.

“They can never be ruled out. Although they suffer this year, next year they can still give a lot of war and stand up to Mercedes, that is what we all hope.”

Fernando Alonso speaks about Ferrari F1’s recruit Carlos Sainz

McLaren's Carlos Sainz in action during practice at the Tuscan Grand Prix
Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy – McLaren’s Carlos Sainz Jr. during practice REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

Alonso was full of praise for his compatriot who’ll be driving for Ferrari next year. He said, “These years he has grown a lot. He has run the races in which the result was needed and to be there, he has always been.

“His level is not that he has risen, he was already very high at Toro Rosso and at Renault. But he had not the team structure, confidence, and seizing the moment. In these years he has done so and his visibility is greater. He has grown a lot in that sense. Hence his signing for Ferrari.

“And for Spain and for our sport, that is fantastic news. Having Carlos in the most legendary team in F1, at his age, ensures a very good future for our own country.”

Alonso also hopes to compete with Sainz at the front of the grid, however, that might not be possible in 2021. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see an all Spanish duel on the track.

With the freezing of car development for next year, Sainz could go head to head with Alonso in a heated mid-field battle, and that would be a treat for us fans to watch.