“There are Going to be Parts of My Game That You Didn’t See Before”: Zion Williamson Issues a Word of Caution to His Rivals




Zion Williamson is a beast in all aspects. He would make 360 dunks possible and make them appear so brutal as if he is going to break the backboard. His windmill dunks are feared and the way he takes those flying jumps is just so unbelievable. It seems like an exaggeration but the science behind his body is just earth-shattering. This New Orleans Pelicans rookie is a force to reckon with. 

At 6’6”, he is weighing around 280 lbs and the way he jumps & lands can really take a toll over his body. Many Basketball fanatics have shared their concerns on the health of Zion Williamson. Sure, nobody ever doubts his skills and commitment towards the sport. It is just the biomechanics of his body that raises some doubts. There have been some instances when he would land on one foot after a dunk and we would skip a heartbeat. No one wants to see a man like him face injuries this early in his career.

Zion Williamson and his fitter self, a piece of good news for New Orleans Pelicans

The Pels unit has been very positive lately. They’ve been sharing the pictures of their players looking super fit and practicing with killer focus. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, JJ Reddick, Zion, and the others make for a very heavy roster. Especially Zanos who is averaging a whopping 23.6 points per game and average gameplay of 29.7 minutes. His FG percentage is 58.9% and there is just no stat that speaks strongly against him.

His persisting problems with the right knee soreness have been a source of trouble for the Pels. But the news that is coming now is rather happening. Before that, have a look at Zion’s Insta post where he flaunts his fitness.

Zanos is back with a bang!

Will Zion win Rookie of the Year 2020 or not remains to be seen when he plays in the Bubble. His closest competitor is Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies. Let’s leave it to that and move to the comment that Zion made on his redemption from the injury. He told ESPN, “It just felt like I was 5 years old again. Just went back to square one, tried to get my body where it needs to be, get my fundamentals back to square one and start from there. So yeah, it was just like starting over at 5 again. It was a great process to learn it all over.” He added, “Yeah, I think there are going to be parts of my game that you didn’t see before that you’ll see when we start playing.”

Wow, that speaks a lot. Just imagine someone at the age of 19 again going back to square one and learning how to walk and jump so as to stay away from injuries. Only a future legendary figure can pull such stuff. We can’t wait to see him on the court!