The Solid Piece of Advice Michael Jordan Had When LeBron James Was Struggling to Get His First NBA Championship




Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the two names that always shake hands whenever there is an ongoing GOAT conversation. Someday, it would be so refreshing to have these two speaking about their honest take on this comparison. 

But for now, the fans can settle with an interview that Air Jordan gave, where he opened about Bron’s first title win. He compared his own maiden win in 1991 and drew a parallel on how things work prior and post a championship victory. 

Michael Jordan had an important message for LeBron James

It took MJ a crazy seven years of wait to finally hold close and kiss the NBA 1991 trophy. Before that could happen, he endured gutting losses against the Detroit Pistons in the EC finals. Reflecting on the same, he gave out a message to a young LeBron who was yet to win his first NBA ring with the Miami Heat.

The six-time champion revealed, “First one’s always the hardest. Then, as you get that first, the expectation comes, and now you got to live with those. Everybody says this is just average year, they compare everything to me in terms of me winning in my seventh year. We had some tough battles, and once I got there, I never left.

“I think once he [Bron] gets there, the expectation is that he never should leave and I wish him the best for that.”

Interestingly, it took the Akron Hammer nine years to win his first. After that victory, LeBron could not enjoy a three-peat, but he definitely stayed a regular in reaching the NBA Finals.

LeBron James
Lakers forward LeBron James smiles while holding the MVP trophy after game six of the 2020 NBA Finals. The Lakers won 106-93 to win the series. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

MJ on creating history and building a legacy

The Chicago Bulls legend has seen a fair share of controversies in his playing career. His name was dragged in conversations where his fame could’ve been tarnished. However, the kind of achievements he had and the brand image that he built of himself never allowed that to happen.

When reminiscing those days, MJ let on, “For all the people who’ve never won one, they’re always gonna say, I was not that big of a deal. For all the people that have won, it’s the greatest accomplishment and you never can take that away. No matter what happens to me in life, you can never take away that I won six championships and that helped establish my legacy.

“If you look at Charles, Charles probably say he had a great career, he never won though. Make sure you tell him that.” 

It’s hysterical how he threw a closing sarcastic remark about his former arch-rival, Charles Barkley. The 76ers legend failed to build one such legacy, and the competitor in MJ seemingly enjoyed that.

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