“The Perfect Star”: Dallas Mavericks Center Can’t Stop Raving About Teammate Luka Doncic




It was just last year when Boban Marjanovic was acquired by the Dallas Mavericks. Who knew he would create such an incredible impact in his first playoffs with the Mavs? Initially, his contribution in the season was sparse. But  when the Mavericks were ridden with injuries, it was Boban who stepped up alongside Luka Doncic.

The Dallas Mavericks quickly became the underdogs fans fell in love with. However, their run ended a little early than people wanted.

Recently in an interview with Pelicans’ J. J. Redick, the third Mavs center talked about his popularity in his hometown and his big hands being the reason behind his terrific shots. His teammate Luka also came up, and Boban had a lot to say about him.

Boban’s words of appreciation for Mavericks’ Luka Doncic

Boban was asked to reveal what is it that fans still don’t know about Luka. He said, “He is a young guy. You have young guys who are selfish and do not want to talk with nobody. Everybody knows how is a good player. He is magic. You watch how he plays and you are enjoying every move he makes.”

He further narrated what it’s like playing beside him. “Every game he makes some new move that makes you go ‘Wow! This guy is amazing.’ I watch him and feel so proud to watch him and enjoy his basketball… He is a nice guy, nice friend, nice teammate, he will help you with whatever you need,” stated Boban.

“He is the perfect star in every way for kids to be like him on the court and off the court.” Without a doubt, Doncic’s performance won over people’s support. J. J. Redick even claimed that Doncic shows the potential of a future MVP.

With the way Boban fit with Dallas, it won’t be a shock if he is offered an extension. We expect him to keep us entertained off the court with his hilarious interviews and on the court with his remarkable plays. Do you think the Mavericks will do even better next season?