“That’s Who I Am” – When Eugenie Bouchard Had No Regrets In Calling Maria Sharpova A ‘Cheater’




The year 2016 was not a great year for Maria Sharapova because she tested positive for a banned substance. To add to this, when she returned in 2017, she was criticized by many players for returning. Eugenie Bouchard was the one who led the charge by making some bold statements. Check out how she felt about making it.

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Eugenie Bouchard On Her Statements

Eugenie Bouchard was clearly not happy about Maria’s return in 2017. She called her a cheater and said that cheaters should not be allowed to play. Moreover, she said that it is unfair to players who do things the right way and that it sends a wrong message to the next generation of tennis players.

She clearly said a lot of things criticizing Sharapova but sometimes people say things they later regret. This is why in an interview with SportsNet in 2017, she was asked whether she regretted saying things. Eugenie firmly said that she did not regret a word she said as that is who she is.

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This interview was done shortly after Eugenie Bouchard’s match against Maria Sharapova at the 2017 Madrid Open. That match was about more than just winning, it was about proving a point. This is why both players brought out their best tennis and played one of the most entertaining matches of the tournament.

Eugenie eventually prevailed 7-6 2-6 6-4 and celebrated wildly when she won. After the win, when the players had to shake hands, you could see the enmity in their eyes as they gave one of the coldest handshakes ever. That is something tennis fans will probably never forget.

We won’t be seeing that ever again as Maria Sharapova retired at the start of 2020. We don’t know if their enmity still exists but if it does, hopefully, they can resolve some of their issues and not be enemies anymore.