“That’s My Way”: Chris Paul Gives a Subtle Hint of Trade Discussions




Chris Paul is at least four seasons past his prime but is still going strong. He is a quality playmaker and someone is in high demand lately. Various teams are interested in signing the veteran Thunder point guard. 

CP3 is just one-season old in OKC, but it appears that his contract is too fat for the Thunder to stick to. Franchises like Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, and Phoenix Suns can be the most probable next move for the aging star.

Is the Thunder star ready for a high-profile trade?

This seems to be a very obvious probability, given that the OKC are eyeing a rebuilding. They entered the playoffs 2020 to scare the Rockets but failed to reach any further. With Chris in their roster, if the 32-YO Danilo Gallinari also stays, the Thunder will again be the same-old unit in 2020-21. Assuming that they ‘overachieved’ in 2019-20, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to remain the same team.

In a recent interview, Chris Paul also seemed to signal a move. He revealed, “Man, I’m 35 years old and I still get a chance to play basketball every day and say that’s my way of life. That is crazy in itself, so regardless what happens, I’ll be ready.”

These words hinted towards his ‘end-game’ with the Thunder who woe to treat him well once he picks a team for himself.

Chris Paul is a 360-degree leader

The legendary figure, who has made it to the NBA All-defensive team nine times, is also the President of NBPA. He understands very well that these are trying times, and that nothing is going as per plan. In the same interview thread, he added, “Nothing is perfect and everything that you see… we’re sort of learning everything on the fly.” 

The Phoenix Suns are most actively pursuing the 10-time NBA All-star. They’ll need to figure out a financial sponge that can absorb a hefty contract of Chris, who is promised over $85 million in the next two seasons. In another talk show, Chris had expressed, “Man, I’m going into year 16, right? I’ve heard about every rumor you could possibly hear. You learn to control what you can control.”

The OKC, who are still looking for a head coach, will have to work something out with Paul so that it’s a win-win for both the parties.

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