Tennis Canada Unveils Ambitious Policy To Support Tennis Players




While a lot of associations have talked about helping lower-ranked tennis players to tide this crisis, Canada’s National Bank has gone beyond the rhetoric to actually announce a concrete plan. They will be helping all 23 players from the country in ensuring a stable livelihood.

Notably, the Coronavirus crisis has led to the suspension of all tennis events. It is still easier for top players who are very wealthy. However, it becomes a matter of putting food on the table for the lower-ranked players.

That’s why there was also talk of a Player’s Relief Fund being created. This had seen largely positive reactions from all the players. Let’s find out more about this move which is being floated by Canada’s National Bank?

Milos Raonic

How are the lower ranked tennis players being helped by Canada’s National Bank? 

The Bank seeks to put out an ambitious financial security plan for all the lower-ranked players. This is in line with the general policy being adopted by the country to help its citizens.

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Tennis Canada announced the grants of $10,000 to $20,000 in Canadian dollars, or about $7,000 to $14,000 in U.S. dollars, from National Bank on Monday, saying the amounts will depend on a player’s ranking.

Denis Shapovalov Dominic Thiem

The money will help players ranked between 100 and 750 in the singles rankings. In addition, doubles players who are ranked between 25 and 100 will also be benefitted from this decision. The players in the top 100 of the ATP Juniors rankings and in the ITF wheelchairs tennis top 50 rankings will also be helped.

It’s amazing to see a national government-led policy being implemented to help the tennis players. They are crucial professionals who require the support of their respective countries right now. This burden should not fall only on tennis associations. That’s where actually helpful policies can be created. What do you think of this decision?