Team Principal Reveals Williams F1’s New Owners Have Big Expectations




Williams is under new management. Dorilton Capital took over the team as Claire Williams stepped down from the position. Since then, the de facto team principal at the Williams base is Simon Roberts. Race Fans questioned Roberts regarding his first few days at the job following their race at Sochi. The principal gave a delightful reply saying working under the new management is very convenient.

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Dorilton and Williams are optimistic about future seasons

Roberts says that although the ownership at Williams may have changed, the working atmosphere is like earlier. The new owners are approachable and look at this on a long-term basis. They had done their research into the sport, says Roberts, and are ready to invest accordingly.

“Dorilton are very realistic; they’ve done a lot of research, they’ve looked at other people that bought teams over the last 10 to 12 years and looked at the timeline from point of acquisition to competing for world championships, or winning races or whatever, and they recognize this is a journey.” remarked the newly appointed team principal.

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – September 25, 2020 Williams Acting Team Principal Simon Roberts during a press conference FIA/Handout via REUTERS

There might be a time gap in communication, but there is no miscommunication with the owners so far, comments the Williams principal. The Dorilton Capital based in the USA is ready to commit to the cause of the championship. To be at the team’s aid is what they aim at. However, Williams have to be thorough in their accounts as a record is what the new owners demand.

“There will be no free rides here. They’re not just sitting there with a big pot of cash to invest. They are going to invest on a long-term basis, but we have to justify every pound we spend.” expressed Roberts.

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How do the upcoming regulations affect the team?

The team and the investors both are aware of the new terms of the Concorde Agreement. Therefore, they understand the regulations don’t yield as much as they might sow. However, their present goal would be to soar up the grid. Roberts expresses his contempt for not being able to do much with the chassis, but he will have to make do with what FIA allows.

“I say two things: Yes, the cost cap is a double-edged sword, and to some extent, the homologation requirements going into next year will also hold us back a little bit because there’re things I’d like to do [that] we just can’t do.” remarked Roberts.

The new team at Williams is ready to take on the challenge. Dorilton Capital along with Simon Roberts may as well come down to make an immense success from this. However, considering the F1 circus, results could also go horribly wrong.