‘Step the Hell Up’- Kendrick Perkins Slams Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins for Poor Performance




Andrew Wiggins mirrors the Golden State Warriors‘ start to the 2020-21 NBA season. He has been painful to watch amidst higher expectations. And even though he had a better outing against the Chicago Bulls, fans and critics want him to do better.

After their 1st-win against the Bulls, Andrew Wiggins was down for a post-match interview. Lauding match-winner Steph Curry for his imperious performance, he said the attention that he draws from the opposing players who may look to double-team him, gives him and others more open looks.

However, NBA Analyst and former player Kendrick Perkins was having none of it. Making it clear that he expects better from Wiggins, he said – “Well, tell him to step the hell up and go to work for damn it.”

The former Boston Celtics center is clearly unimpressed with Andrew Wiggins. And he wants him to do all the talking on the court. Rather than make any statements off of it. It is time for the former Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward to roll his sleeves up.

Will this win kick-start Andrew Wiggins and Golden State Warriors’ season?

After making no impact in the first 2 games, Wiggins came into this game with some noticeable improvements. After shooting 10-34 from the field over those games, he shot 6-15 from the field against the Bulls.

He notched 19 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assist inside 36 minutes. He also hit 2 out of the 3 threes that he attempted. Though this stat line should not flatter Wiggins. He needs to pull up his socks now.

The former number 1 pick has an important role to play if the Warriors are to make something of this season. With Klay Thompson out for the season, he needs to supplement Curry better.

The ‘Dubs’ would want to build on this win. Curry caught fire and was back to his old self. But Wiggins needs to work on his consistency if they want to reach the Playoffs.

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