‘Spidey Senses’: Former NFL Player Rubbishes LeBron James’ Hopes of Becoming a Professional Footballer




It always shapes into a great debate whether an elite player from one professional league can use his talent in another. LeBron James is the fresh most addition into this conversation after the NBA legend’s claim that he was on the brink of joining an NFL team in 2011.

Now, this must not come off as a surprise that these athletes, before turning pro, excel at various sports. How Rafael Nadal always played Soccer and Usain Bolt practiced Cricket during his young days is known to all. But was it that LeBron’s early inclination towards Football good enough for him to have returned at the highest level?

An NFL player completely denies the possibilities

An American professional Football player and an NBA enthusiast, Shannon Sharpe, recently sat down for an interview where he took this debate head-on. He emphasized how LeBron James’ 10+ years’ worth of inactivity (in Football’s respect) have killed even the remote chances for him to return to the greatest Football league in the world.

He later expressed, “I’ve never seen a 6’8” guy… and I’m assuming that’s where LeBron is going to play. He’s going to play wide receiver. But there are nuances to understanding where the coverage is, where are the nuances, where the blind spots are. We call them spidey senses, LeBron James does not have spidey senses anymore because he hasn’t used them… It sounds good, it is great to talk about… For him to say, ‘I’m gonna play in the NFL’ having not player college ball… I don’t believe that would happen.”

The average height of an NFL wide-receiver is 6’2” and with LeBron’s measures and the gap in practice, the former Ravens player completely denied his chances at NFL.

Why was LeBron James considering a move into the NFL?

Lakers forward LeBron James reacts against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2011, during the unforeseen NBA lockout, LeBron James reportedly had offers from two NFL teams to join them. The Akron Hammer was an impressive wide-receiver back in his high-school days, so much so that he had university offers to represent their Football teams. However, he took the NBA path and left that initial hobby behind him. This conversation resurfaced when he recently told in an interview that he could have made it into one of those NFL teams if he had tried out. 

Also interestingly, people have been dragging LeBron’s name into martial arts too. This, because a former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion, Colby Covington has been calling out Bron for a long time now. He would trash talk on Bron’s name and wear T-shirts with cuss words written on them to provoke LeBron, but to no avail.

Anyway, what do you believe, would the L-Train ever actually step into the professional world of any other sport?

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