Sergio Perez Takes a Massive Dig at Racing point F1 Over Early Exit




Sergio Perez quit from Racing Point before the Italian Grand Prix took off. The Mexican claimed that he had overheard a discussion involving Lawrence Stroll earlier. The decision has undoubtedly disappointed Checo, and finally, the racer is opening up on the subject.

Sergio Perez is frustrated with the team ‘hiding things’

Sergio has been a lifesaver for Racing Point earlier. However, the world of F1 is definitely not synonymous with being generous. Checo recently came out on the secrecy and apprehension he is encountering in the team since the news of him leaving surfaced.

“Since the news came out, some people inside the team tend to hide things which I don’t think it is great.”

Checo highlighted that as an F1 team, there should be complete transparency in the team. He believes that otherwise, the performance of the team shall suffer.

“At the moment, we need to be as transparent as possible to make sure we achieve our goals and make sure we score as many points as we possibly can.”

Checo further clarified the situation after the news of his release surfaced. He expressed how he was shaken and could hardly believe it after all he had done for the team.

“I am pretty disappointed, to be honest, that such things have come out from the team or something; I think those things have to remain between the team and myself and I won’t be giving any information at all because I think it is something that has to be kept internal.”

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Racing Point looks forward at Constructor’s Championship

Racing Point is targeting the third spot in the Constructor’s championship this year. The entire team focusses on the eight races ahead of them. The spot which seemed impossible at one point now seems probable. However, for that to be possible, the team needs to give up the secrecy and ‘hiding things’

“I think everyone is focusing on the eight races ahead. It is going to be so crucial that we deliver every single point; it is very important for the constructors’ championship,” the Mexican clarified

Though Checo’s release has evidently left him disheartened, he still wants the best for his team. He also shed light on the constructor championship.

“We can still have the best season in our history if we manage to finish third. I think we all are going to be disappointed if we don’t get that third place in the constructors’ championship.”

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