Serena Williams Reveals the Real Reason Behind Investing in Start-Ups




Twenty-three time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams has opened up on what made her put her money in a raft of start-up companies.

In April, a report came out that the American had invested in 34 start-up firms.

Quizzed on the same during a live chat with Forbes magazine, the American said she has always believed in the idea of investing.

“Well, I love investing. And I always felt like I’ve always invested in myself and in my career, and my whole life has been investing in myself,” Serena said.

She added that she has often wondered if she should link her lot with these ‘amazing’ companies, buy into their ideas and what they have to offer to the world in terms of their services.

“And so, you know as the world is changing, and you see all these amazing companies, you think, at least I think to myself, like why am I not either on the level of those companies? Why have I not had an opportunity to be involved in supporting those companies, investing in those companies?” Serena said.

The American added it was her curiosity about these firms, which eventually found expression in the investments. 

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Serena said she made sure she’d acquired enough knowledge about these companies before taking the plunge.

“And so naturally, you start to get curious and you start to ask yourself questions. And I just wanted to know, well, how do I invest in one of these massive, massive, huge companies?

“And so, the only way to do it is to actually find different people and learn a little bit more about the industry and then, just, kind of invest in it,” the American said.

On the career front, Serena ended the 2020 WTA season outside the Top-10 and will look to resume her quest for a 24th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open next year.

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She has gone three years without winning a single Major title and will have her eye on the elusive 24th at the Australian Open next year.