“Serena Williams Can Lose” – Patrick Mouratoglou on Preparations for US Open 2020




Serena Williams and her struggle for a record-equaling 24th Grand Slam is known to all. The former World No.1 last won a grand slam in 2017. Since then she has lost four finals in 3 years. Serena will turn 39 this year and time is running out for her.

Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou over the past few months has been quite confident about the American’s chances. He has time and time again emphasized that Serena is ready for the title challenge and this time she can cross the final mark.

Patrick Mouratoglou

“Serena Williams has been practicing well” – Patrick Mouratoglou

In an interview with UbiTennis, Patrick talked about Serena and her plans. He has no issues with going to the US but when coming back to Europe he and Serena will have to quarantine themselves. This will pose a threat to Serena’s bid to participate in the Madrid Open.

“From what I know there is no quarantine from Europe to the US because the situation is much better now. The plan is to go to New York with Serena and then come back to Europe. But I wanna make sure that we both will be on time in Europe. So this quarantine on the way back from the US to Europe is a serious question we need answers to because in order to take any kind of decision we need the right information.” Patrick said

Patrick recently concluded his league, Ultimate Tennis Showdown. And so he is in Europe and Serena is in Florida, US. So they have been practicing virtually. Patrick indicated that Serena is in good shape and can defeat anyone if she plays good tennis.

Serena is able to win with all the best players and she can lose also if she is not able to play her best tennis against whoever is one the other side of the court. She is filming her practice and sending me videos and then we chat. She has been practicing well. Serena was able to do fitness when she was at home, but she was confined and, then she started tennis three weeks ago. Serena even played with Berrettini when he was in Florida. So she is in good shape.” he said

Serena Williams

So both Serena and Patrick have been confident about her chances since the lockdown eased. US Open begins on the 31st of August, this year she could finally do it in her home tournament.