Sebastian Vettel Tried Taking a “Little More Risk” Before Qualifying Crash




Sebastian Vettel was caught off track during the qualifiers in the Russian Grand Prix. Trying to gear up his race, Vettel gambled into a 50-50 situation. Obviously, he lost the wager as his car was caught off track and slammed into the barriers. The front wing was dislocated, and he was ruled out in no time.

The crash caused the red-flag to come out in Sochi, causing a momentary stoppage of Q2. Even though the crash was horrific, Sebastian emerged unhurt. During an interview following his crash, Vettel narrated what went down.

“Well, I lost the car. So already in turn 2, I lost the car. Then in turn 4, I lost it again and couldn’t catch it anymore”, he stated.

Sebastian Vettel seemed to be quite comfortable in the car during the practice sessions. However, he was seen struggling during the qualifiers and he admits that it wasn’t too easy for him. Stating the obvious, he was dejected with the result.

In quali I was struggling, especially in the first sector. So I tried to obviously take a little bit more risk as I said lost the car already in turn 2 and then again in 4. So not happy obviously. Compared to the morning session, struggled quite a bit in the afternoon.”

Can Sebastian Vettel bounce back?

Ferrari was criticized heavily during the first half of the season, owing to a general lack of power and intent. Coming into the second half, Ferrari was looking strong compared to their previous half.

Sebastian Vettel in action in Sochi prior to his crash
Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel during qualifying. |REUTERS

The last season with Ferrari is turning out to be quite a nightmare for the former World Champion. The only good thing amidst the crash is the fact that he escaped unhurt. He was seen cleaning the track, carrying his front wing out of the way.

Vettel will be sticking to his mid-table feuds while he comes out tomorrow for the race. Undoubtedly, he’ll be looking to rank up above the P10 mark and gain some points for Ferrari.