Sebastian Vettel Reveals Aston Martin ‘Transparent and Open’ About 2021 Expectations




Sebastian Vettel has already been announced as an Aston Martin driver for 2021. The switch to the British team gives Vettel a chance to revive his career. He seemed to be on a downward spiral in the last couple of years, especially this one. The 4-times world champion sheds some light on why he chose Aston Martin as his next destination.

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Vettel said (translated by Google), “Transparency and openness were what mattered, that it was clearly stated what is possible and what is not.”

He further added, “It takes ambition and it takes goals. And the goals that Lawrence Stroll has are aligned with mine. This connects us.

“He has clear ideas about what he wants to achieve, and I was very impressed by that.”

However, Vettel knows that he isn’t quite going to be gunning for wins and titles straight away. Yes, he expects the team to do well, “But it is clear that there will not be quantum leaps right away,” says the German.

Sebastian Vettel not privy to Racing Point’s car development

A Racing Point car in action at Mugello
Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy – Racing Point’s Sergio Perez during practice REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

Despite knowing that he will be racing for them next year, Vettel still isn’t allowed to work with the team because of his commitment to Ferrari.

Vettel said, “I’m not yet involved with Racing Point or take part in meetings to plan the new car. I’m not allowed to do that either, I’m still an employee of Ferrari.

That may be a bit of a drawback, considering Vettel will only be relieved of his Ferrari duties once the season ends. And by that time most of the work on the car would already be done.

However, rules are rules, so there isn’t much either Vettel or Racing Point/Aston Martin can do about that.

But to be honest, Vettel will just about take an unchanged 2019 Racing Point over the current iteration Ferrari, every day of the week. If the car is capable of getting him into the top 6 more often than not, Vettel would take it.

As much as he would like to get out of Ferrari at the earliest, there’s still half a season of racing to go. Starting from the race in Sochi (27th of September), Vettel would hope for an upturn in fortunes.

Can he equal or surpass his P6 finish from Hungary? Seems unlikely, but expect the man to do his level best to achieve it.