Sebastian Vettel Opens up on How His Superstitions Dangerously “Got Out of Hand”




Sebastian Vettel is having an underwhelming season so far. However, the German has won four world championships with Red Bull in his career. Vettel had always wanted to win a championship driving for Ferrari.

As a result, he made a move to Ferrari in 2015. Unfortunately, the German has failed to win a championship with Ferrari. He has also decided to move on from the Italian team to Aston Martin next season.

Most sporting personalities tend to have a superstition they follow. In a virtual autograph session, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel discussed whether they believe in any superstitions.

Sebastian later admitted that his superstition got a little too much. He said, “At some point, I got really superstitious and even when there was a cat crossing, I took a detour. But then it got out of hand so I stopped it.”

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Sebastian Vettel reveals his superstitions

During the video, Sebastian Vettel discussed a couple of superstitions that have been a part of his career. He said, “I only get into the car from the left side. I usually have two coins, like one coin in each shoe for the race.”

The German clarified that he doesn’t expect these acts to bring good luck. The coins were given to Vettel by his grandmother and are very special to him. He added, “It’s not like I imagine that I have superpowers when they are with me.”

Charles Leclerc on the other hand clarified that he does not possess any superstition. He explained, “I don’t have any particular superstitious thing. I just don’t like it. Then I just think too much about it if something happens and I just don’t want to be in that situation.”

However, Leclerc clarified that he has a routine he follows before a race. He clarified, “I have a routine. It is more to do with getting ready physically and mentally than being superstitious.”

Charles Leclerc is at P5 in driver standings, with 85 points under his belt. He is currently fighting with Ricciardo for a P4 finish by the end of this season. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel has found it hard to get into points.

Vettel has only 18 points this season. The German came close to a podium at Imola; however, a pit stop disaster took that away. In the remaining races, he will try his best to ensure this season does not go podium-less.